We are Designers
Design all solutions for solve all problem
That people call us The “Unbounded Designers”


Unbounde Designers (UDRobot) is Iranian’s first ever indigenously designed autonomous humanoid. It is one of the most technologically advanced projects in the country and has far reaching applications in numerous areas of research like human cognition, defense and space exploration. Humanoids will open new prospects of scientific prowess and broaden our vistas of knowledge. We strive to make our humanoid stronger, faster and more intelligent through application of the latest available equipment and cutting edge technology. The team comprises of some of the best brains in the entire country who are inducted after a series of grueling tests which ensures that only a select few with the highest aptitude work on this prestigious project. Our ultimate aim is to make a robust, autonomous humanoid which is capable of making simple decisions and is able to emulate a human like gait. Unbounded Designers are focused on three main areas in order to increase their range in 2019 These areas are:
I) Usage of innovative Force sensing resistor (F.S.R) method, in order to keep more balance
II) Improvements on Image Processing algorithms
III) Better robot behavior in game environment and improved intelligent strategies

Team Member

Mohammad Reza Reiahi.D

Team leader

1-Electronic Designer
2-Mechanic Designer
3-C# Programmer

Soroush Abdollahi

1-C# Programmer
2-Electronic Designer
3-Team support

Mohammad Hossein Rezayat

1-C++ Programmer
2-C# Programmer
3-Vision Programmer

Javad Rahmani

1-Electronic Designer

Omid MahdiZadeh

1-C# Programmer
2-C++ Programmer
3-Vision Programmer

Mohammad Jannesari

1-Electronic Designer
2-C Programmer
3-C# Programmer

Mahyar Shokraeian

1-C Programmer
2-C# Programmer
3-Electronic Designer

Satyar Salehian.D

1-C# Programmer
2-C Programmer
3-CSS & Web Programmer

-First place in Robocup Iran open 2017 teenS-zize

-Third place in the Kharazmi festival 2015

-Second place in the Kharazmi festival 2016

-Special European Industrial Design Award For Khayyam Lampe 2014

-Participate in various Robocup events since 2014

-The top research team of Iran in 2015 and 2016